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Tray provides 6-8 servings /  White or Brown Rice  /  No cooking for you
For special requests and / or orders over $250.00

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Catering / Large Party

Party Packs

*Items with an asterisk are $9.00 extra charge


 Each pan / tray provides 6-8 servings | Each tray is a ‘1/2’ size catering pan

Catering Menu



Phoenix Boat

(Lettuce wrap) Minced chicken, water chestnuts, celery, Shitake mushrooms over a thin bed of crispy rice vermicelli noodles
Fried Tofu 42.50 | Chicken 43.75
Beef 47.25 | Shrimp 48.75

Broken Spring Roll Bowl

Rice vermicelli, lettuce, green onions, basil, mint, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts and peanuts served with fish sauce and homemade peanut sauce
Fried Tofu 42.50 | Chicken 43.75
Beef 47.25 | Shrimp 48.75

Kam’s Classic Salad

Crisp shredded lettuce, julienne carrots, tomato, fried red onion, mint & basil. Served with home made peanut-sesame dressing and ginger-soy vinaigrette
Chicken 47.50 | Shrimp 56.95

Basil Chicken & Cucumber Salad

Spicy cucumber salad with tomato, basil and chicken 42.50

Mui Shui

Entrée Feng Shui
Dishes that go well with a variety of main ingredients (Tofu, Chicken, Shrimp, etc)


Beef, Pork & Chicken

Noodles & Rice

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