art tKam's features the work of local artists on its walls on a rotating basis. The art is changed every several weeks, and a broad range of media and subject matter is presented. An opening reception is held for each artist so the local community can meet the artist and see his or her work. Announcements of the openings are posted on this website and sent by email. If you would like to receive these announcements, please add your name to our email list by joining our mailing club.



CartelJune02 2018

Dates for the showing:  May 29 - July 10

Date of the opening / reception:  Saturday, June 9 4 to 6 pm
Name of the Exhibit: In and Around Houston

Artist Statement / About the Artist:These paintings are an attempt to capture my feelings about Houston, my adopted home. I love the energy and vitality of Houston. Many of the painting were painted on location. Others were painted from photos I took while simply living my life.   I like to investigate the sense of emotions that can be tapped with the use of color. Abstract art is the an outlet for this and it is the place where my imagination is released. However, the style that is most dear to my heart is Impressionism. I like to work in oils, capturing the play of light, tone, color and atmosphere rather than details.

Seeing the beauty in nature, I make a sketch or painting of the scene, along with notes about what it is that attracted me to the spot. I take a photograph and finish the painting in my studio at home.

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